The Best Baby Scale of 2024

Monitoring your baby’s weight is crucial to ensuring they grow healthy and strong. The Unicherry Scale shines as the best all-rounder, giving parents peace of mind. Our guide offers detailed insights into the top baby scales for accuracy and ease, tailored to every parent’s needs. Dive in to find that perfect scale!

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Baby Scale

When choosing the best baby scale, it’s essential to consider factors such as accuracy, durability, and safety features to ensure you get a reliable and secure product for your little one.


Ensuring your baby’s weight is recorded correctly is a top priority with any best baby scale. An accurate baby scale gives you the confidence that your little ones are growing and developing as they should.

Look for scales with high-precision sensors and features like tare functions, which allow you to factor out the weight of diapers or clothing for an exact measurement.

Every good baby scale mentioned, from the Unicherry Scale praised for its overall performance to the handy Newline Baby Scale, prioritizes accuracy in its design. Whether it’s the advanced technology of the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad or the reliable readouts from models like MomMed and GROWNSY Baby Scales, ensuring precise weights is paramount for tracking your infant’s health milestones accurately throughout 2023 and beyond.


Following the emphasis on accuracy, let’s consider durability a critical aspect of selecting the best baby scale. Durable scales stand up to daily use and can handle the occasional bump or drop in a busy household.

With new moms in mind, manufacturers like Beurer and MomMed craft baby scales with solid materials that resist wear and tear. This means you won’t have to replace your scale frequently, making it a sound investment for tracking your child’s growth over time.

The build quality also extends to longevity; models, such as the Health o Meter Grow with Me 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale, are designed to grow with your child, transitioning from an infant scale into one suitable for toddlers.

High-quality components ensure that buttons don’t become unresponsive and surfaces remain easy to clean after multiple uses. These features offer peace of mind, knowing the product will remain reliable as part of your child’s development journey.

Safety Features

Beyond a baby scale’s robustness, its safety features are crucial. Look for designs with rounded edges to prevent any accidental nicks or scrapes during weigh-ins. Non-slip surfaces keep your baby secure on the scale, especially when they start to wiggle or move around.

Some models include straps or harnesses for additional stability, which can be particularly comforting when weighing an active infant.

Another key element is the scale’s ability to lock in a weight reading even if the baby moves. This must-have feature ensures accuracy and peace of mind for new moms tracking their child’s growth between doctor visits.

The scales with this locking feature mean one less thing to worry about during those busy parenting moments. Make sure any baby scale you consider has these essential safety measures to protect your little one while providing precise measurements every time.

Top Recommended Baby Scales

Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale

Accurate measurements

Accurate and versatile scale for babies, puppies, and kittens.
Best Overall

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  • Rubber material for durability and easy cleaning

  • 44-pound weight limit suitable for newborns to toddlers

  • Backlit display and auto shut-off feature for convenience

  • Sleek white color with a modern design

  • Accurate readout to the nearest 5.67 grams

The Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale offers peace of mind to new moms eager to track their baby’s weight precisely and easily. This scale shines in its simplicity and functionality, boasting a curved weighing platform that cradles your little one securely while you check their progress. Its hold function is key for capturing an accurate reading even when your baby won’t stay still, snapping the weight as soon as the numbers settle down. The tare feature allows parents to account for blankets or toys on the scale, ensuring that only your baby’s weight is measured.

Whether following up after pediatric appointments or keeping tabs on a pet’s growth, this digital scale caters to both with high-accuracy sensors measuring up to 44 lbs in acceptable increments. The large LCD eradicates any strain when reading off numbers — perfect for those late-night weigh-ins! We’ve chosen the Beurer BY80 as our top pick for its technical prowess and because it adapts seamlessly into family life, transitioning from a reliable infant scale to a helpful pet weigher without breaking stride.

With every detail designed keeping comfort and accuracy in focus, the Beurer BY80 is essential in overseeing your newborn’s development or maintaining optimal health for pets. Plus, its durable build ensures longevity—no minor consideration when investing in nursery gear. Anytime questions arise about operation or features, rest assured knowing customer support resides within reach here in America—a final touch cementing this device at number one on our list.


  • Accurate and precise weight measurement with high precision sensors, up to 44 lbs in pounds, ounces, or kilograms

  • Secure and comfortable platform for infants, puppies, and kittens with a curved weighing surface for added safety

  • Convenient tare function to adjust the weight of blankets or containers for accurate readings

  • Versatile use as a baby scale or pet scale with an easy-to-read backlighted LCD


  • The platform may be too small for larger pets

  • Battery not included

  • Some users may find the hold function tricky to use

The Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale is perfect for busy parents and pet owners looking for an accurate, multi-functional scale to track their little ones’ growth. Its easy-to-use features and high-precision measurements make it a must-have for any household with babies, puppies, or kittens. Get yours today and ensure your little one is growing healthy and strong!

Greater Goods Digital Baby Scale


Accurately track your baby’s growth with this versatile digital scale.
Runner Up

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  • Backlit LCD for easy reading in any lighting condition

  • Converts from a baby scale to a toddler scale, growing with your child

  • Auto shut-off feature helps conserve battery life

  • Provides accurate and reliable baby weight analysis

  • Clean and sleek white design

  • Includes 4 AAA batteries for immediate use

Crafted with precision and care in St. Louis, the Greater Goods Digital Baby Scale is a reliable tool for tracking your little one’s growth. This baby scale is a gem for new moms who cherish accuracy when noting their baby’s weight before and after feedings. The clever design transitions smoothly from an infant scale to a toddler scale, supporting up to sixty-six pounds, making it a lasting addition to your nursery gear.

The user-friendly nature of this versatile scale shines through its advanced settling algorithm that delivers accurate readings even when handling an energetic, wiggly baby. It simplifies those precious milestone moments without causing stress for both mom and child. Additionally, the company’s commitment extends beyond just selling products; they make sure every purchase contributes positively on a global level by partnering with ethical factories and donating part of the sales to charity.

Choosing this digital baby scale as our number two pick was easy because it meets and exceeds expectations with features tailored for practicality and ease of use. Its non-connected basic functionality ensures fuss-free operation while offering dependable results each time you weigh your child — providing peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re getting precise measurements during every stage of your growing baby’s journey.


  • Ethically produced with a portion of every sale given to charity

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer support team in St. Louis

  • Easily switch from baby to toddler mode, holding up to sixty – six pounds

  • Accurately calculates your child’s weight even with their movements


  • Not a connected scale, so cannot sync data to an app or device

  • Basic design may not appeal to those looking for more advanced features

  • May require manual calibration for precise readings

Are you a new or expecting parent looking for a reliable, accurate, and versatile baby scale? Look no further than the Greater Goods Digital Baby Scale, perfect for tracking your little one’s growth from birth to toddlerhood. Join our mission of giving back with every purchase and give your child the best care possible. Get yours today and start marking those important milestones!

MomMed Baby Scale

Get it right first time

Easy to read and gives accurate measurements.
Most Accurate

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  • LCD display for easy reading

  • Can weigh up to 220 pounds

  • Accurate to 0.1 pounds

  • Battery-powered for convenience

  • Durable 24-inch split type material

Keeping track of your baby’s growth is crucial, and the MomMed Baby Scale makes it a breeze for new moms. Its high-precision sensors deliver reliable measurements from as light as 0.1lb up to 220 lbs, ensuring that you can confidently monitor your infant’s weight and their development over time. The multi-functionality extends beyond babies to toddlers and pets, embodying versatility in every household.

One standout feature is the integrated height measurement tool within the tray — a bonus that saves parents from buying separate gadgets. Plus, the large LCD display offers clear readability under any lighting conditions. At the same time, the sensitive touch buttons allow hassle-free operation even during those challenging moments when your little one won’t stay still, thanks to its practical Hold function that captures accurate weight despite movement. And because life with a newborn means always being prepared, MomMed includes two free AAA batteries so you can use the scale right out of the box.

Our selection of this product as number three on our list comes down to its blend of accuracy, user-friendly design elements such as swivel locks for securing the tray, and informative features like tracking both weight and height simultaneously – making it incredibly useful for an extensive range of situations families encounter day-to-day. Whether you’re monitoring your child’s feeding needs or recording milestone moments, this durable and precise baby scale stands by throughout your parenting journey.


  • Easy-to-read large LCD display with bright backlight

  • Swivel locks on the baby tray for secure measurement

  • Multi-functional scale for infants, children, adults, and pets

  • High-accuracy measurements to ensure proper growth tracking


  • It may not be suitable for heavy-duty use

  • The height measurement may not be as accurate as specialized equipment

  • The large display may consume more battery power

The MomMed Baby Scale is perfect for busy parents looking to easily track their infant or toddler’s weight and height. This versatile scale can also be used for weighing pets, making it a must-have for animal lovers. Don’t miss out on ensuring your little one’s growth with the MomMed Baby Scale!

GROWNSY Baby Scale

Suitable for the whole household

Simple but effective measuring scales for your baby.
Great Choice

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  • Supports weight up to 330 pounds

  • Accurate measurement in 0.1 oz increments

  • Versatile use for babies, infants, pets, and adults

  • Auto Hold function for convenience

  • Features a stable and non-slip design

  • Includes a height measurement of 27 inches

The GROWNSY Baby Scale is designed with the multitasking mom in mind, making tracking your little one’s weight and height a breeze. Keeping an eye on your baby’s growth has never been simpler thanks to features like the LED screen that displays clear readings and a touchscreen button for effortless operation. The auto-shutoff function kicks in after two minutes of inactivity, conserving battery life, while the scale’s detachable parts make storing it as easy as pie.

Imagine trying to weigh a squirmy infant – we know it can be like holding onto a slippery fish! Thankfully, this baby scale has an innovative hold function that freezes the weight on the screen, giving you accurate numbers even when your baby is moving about. Safety is also at the forefront with its non-slip feet and comfortable platform; discomfort or danger is not questioned here. Plus, this isn’t just for infants – pets and adults will find themselves right at home on this versatile scale that supports up to 330 pounds.

When precision counts, moms can count on GROWNSY’s built-in high-precision sensors to deliver exact measurements every time. Switch between lbs: oz, oz, lb, g, or kg based on what works best for you – customization is key. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed by setup fears, breathe easy – assembly requires no tools! With such intelligent design choices aimed at simplifying parental responsibilities while ensuring child safety and comfort during each weigh-in session—this digital baby scale stands out as a reliable tool for monitoring your child’s growth trajectory.


  • Easy to assemble, use, and store with a touchscreen button and auto-off function

  • Obtain accurate measurements even when your baby is moving or wiggling with the hold function

  • Safe and comfortable height measurement for babies or pets up to 330 lbs

  • Reliable and precise measurements with five different display units to choose from


  • No memory function for storing previous measurements

  • The 27-inch height measurement may not accommodate taller children or pets

  • The touchscreen button may be sensitive to accidental touches

Ideal for new parents or pet owners, the GROWNSY Baby Scale is perfect for those who want a convenient and accurate way to track the growth of their little one or furry friend. With its easy-to-use features and versatile design, this scale is the top choice for any household. Get your own GROWNSY Baby Scale today and never miss a milestone moment!

Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale

Use right away

Weigh your baby as they grow into a healthy toddler.
Top Pick

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  • Weighs up to 44 pounds

  • Made of durable and easy-to-clean plastic

  • No assembly required; ready to use out of the box

  • Features a large, easy-to-read display screen

  • Offers precise and accurate weight measurements

  • Suitable for both boys and girls

Keeping track of your baby’s growth is a breeze with the Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale. Tailored for new moms, this scale boasts a 44-pound capacity and three weighing modes, delivering accuracy that you can trust. The large, curved platform ensures your little one’s comfort and safety during weigh-ins. Plus, the smooth surface makes clean-up after those unexpected messes simple.

Ease of use defines this digital scale; it comes equipped with a handy tare function, allowing you to zero out the weight of blankets or clothing for an accurate measurement. If your bundle of joy won’t stay still, just press the HOLD button to lock in their weight quickly and fuss-free. Reading results are fast and displayed in kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb), catering to whatever unit you’re most comfortable with.

The Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale is designed with your infant’s needs in mind and supports busy parents thanks to its auto-off feature, conserving battery life. With the backing of a 2-year warranty and attentive customer service, investing in this baby scale means peace of mind, knowing you have reliable support on hand should you need it. Whether recording growth for pediatrician visits or ensuring proper nutrition intake, this digital baby scale is invaluable for monitoring your child’s development during these critical early stages.


  • 44-pound capacity suitable for infants, toddlers, and babies

  • Three weighing modes for versatile use

  • Accurate digital scale provides quick and precise readings in both kilograms and pounds

  • Easy to use with features such as a tare option for placing blankets on the scale tray


  • Scale may not be suitable for older children or adults due to the 44-pound weight capacity

  • Not ideal for use on soft surfaces or carpets, limiting where it can be used in a home

  • The hold button to lock in weight requires manual intervention, which could disrupt measurements

Our Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale is perfect for new parents looking for an easy-to-use, accurate, and reliable scale to monitor their baby’s weight. Whether you have an infant, toddler, or young child, this scale is designed to provide quick and precise readings in seconds. Don’t settle for less regarding your little one’s health – invest in the best with our Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale. Order now and keep track of your baby’s growth with confidence!


Q: What is a baby scale?

A: A baby scale is a specialized scale designed to accurately weigh infants and toddlers. It is essential for monitoring a baby’s growth and development.

Q: How does a digital baby scale differ from a mechanical one?

A: A digital baby scale provides precise readings using electronic sensors, while a mechanical scale relies on springs and levers to gauge weight, which may be less accurate.

Q: What is the capacity of most baby scales?

A: Most baby scales have a capacity of up to 44 pounds, suitable for weighing infants and toddlers up to a certain age or weight.

Q: Why is a removable tray important in a baby scale?

A: A removable tray allows for easy cleaning and ensures the baby’s comfort during weighing, making the process convenient and hygienic.

Q: What are the benefits of using a digital pediatric scale?

A: A digital pediatric scale provides precise measurements and may offer additional features such as a hold function for weighing active babies or toddlers.

Q: What are the different modes available in a digital baby scale?

A: A digital baby scale typically includes weighing modes such as pounds (lb), ounces (oz), and kilograms (kg), providing flexibility in measurements.

Q: How can a baby scale support breastfeeding mothers?

A: A baby scale can help breastfeeding mothers monitor their baby’s weight gain, ensuring healthy development and providing peace of mind.

Q: What are some popular brands of baby and toddler scales?

A: Some popular brands of baby and toddler scales include Health o meter, Detecto, Salter, Seca, and Smart Weigh, known for their quality and reliability.

Q: Can a baby scale be used for pets as well?

A: Some baby scales may also function as pet scales, allowing pet owners to monitor their pet’s weight and overall health.

Q: What features should I consider when choosing a baby scale for home use?

A: When selecting a baby scale for home use, consider features such as accuracy, ease of cleaning, capacity, and additional functions like growth chart tracking and multi-function capabilities.


Your quest for the perfect baby scale ends here! Embrace peace of mind with the Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale — its precise measurements and durable design make it a top pick for your little one’s weigh-ins.

Don’t miss out on the Greater Goods Digital Baby Scale, which offers longevity by converting from a baby to a toddler scale, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Keep track of those precious growth milestones confidently with these reliable choices.

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