The Best Changing Tables For Babies in 2024

Choosing the right changing table for your baby can feel overwhelming. Did you know that a good changing table goes beyond just diaper duty? Our article outlines the essential features to look for, ensuring safety and convenience during those countless changes. Keep reading; this guide is a game-changer!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Changing Table

When it’s time to pick out a baby changing table, keep in mind the importance of your child’s safety and your own convenience. Look for options that blend reliable security features with practical design elements like ample storage and easy-to-clean surfaces to ensure a hassle-free diapering experience.

Safety Features

Safety features top the list when choosing the best changing tables. Contoured tops cradle your baby, preventing them from rolling during diaper changes. Look for models with safety straps and sturdy construction to ensure your little one is always secure.

High-side barriers add another layer of protection, so even wriggly babies stay put.

Many of the best-changing tables on the market come equipped with these essential features. For instance, some offer adjustable safety rails that can be adapted as your child grows.

Always double-check that these elements are in place before placing your baby on any changing table to maintain a safe environment.

Moving beyond safety essentials, let’s consider how size and storage space contribute to functionality and organization in a nursery.

Size and Storage Space

Choosing the right size for your changing table is crucial, especially if you’re working with a smaller nursery. The best changing tables for small spaces are designed to fit snugly while still offering ample room for diaper changes.

Look for features like foldable or convertible designs that can adapt to your space constraints.

Storage space is another key consideration. Many baby changing tables come with drawers or shelves underneath where essentials like diapers, wipes, and clothes can all be stored within arm’s reach.

This helps keep everything organized and makes diaper changes faster and more convenient. Opt for models with plenty of compartments to keep items sorted and easy to find during those frequent changes.

Ease of Cleaning

Finding a changing table that’s easy to clean is crucial. Diaper changes can get messy, so you’ll want a surface that wipes down quickly without absorbing any liquids. Look for materials like waterproof padding or non-porous surfaces that resist stains and are simple to sanitize.

Also, consider tables with removable covers or pads; these can be tossed into the washing machine, saving you time and hassle.

Opt for models with minimal grooves or intricate designs where dirt can accumulate. A smooth and straightforward design makes it faster to swipe clean between uses. Keeping your baby’s space hygienic shouldn’t be a chore – the right changing table will make cleanliness second nature.

Now, let’s dive into our top picks for the best changing tables.

Top Picks for the Best Changing Tables

Sweeby Portable Baby Changing Table

Super convenient

Revolutionize diaper changes with adjustable, foldable convenience.
Best Overall

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  • Designed with a sturdy wood construction, ensuring long-lasting use and durability

  • Features a classic style that fits seamlessly into any nursery décor

  • Provides ultimate convenience for parents with its lightweight design at just 22.9 pounds, making it easy to move from room to room

  • No batteries are needed, adding simplicity and ease of use for busy caregivers

  • Offers ample space for baby changing needs with dimensions of 35 x 18.5 x 5.5 inches

  • Suitable for all babies thanks to its unisex design

The Sweeby Portable Baby Changing Table is a game-changer for busy moms on the go. With its ample storage options, including two shelves and side pockets, everything you need for a quick diaper change is at your fingertips. No more rummaging through bags for wipes or diapers; now they’re all neatly organized and within reach—ideal when handling an unpredictable little one! The added storage basket keeps essentials handy, while the clothes rail ensures that a fresh outfit is always ready after those messier moments.

One standout feature that sets this changing table apart is its adjustable height capabilities. This means no more back strain from bending over too low—moms and dads of any stature can choose from four heights to find their perfect fit! Furthermore, keeping things spotless couldn’t be easier thanks to the waterproof pad top requiring a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Mobility isn’t sacrificed either; lockable wheels glide smoothly across floors, allowing you to move the station wherever needed without leaving scratches behind.

Parents have spoken: when organizing nursery essentials in style while ensuring convenience and comfort, the Sweeby Portable Baby Changing Table hits all marks—earning its place as our top pick. Its intelligent design harmonizes with practicality, evidenced by not just words but also CPC certification affirming quality standards met by ASTM international safety regulations. With its patented elegance combined with versatility—including foldability, which makes storing it away effortless—it’s clear why discerning families would choose this model time and again.


  • Effortless Organization: Keep baby essentials like diapers and clothes within arm’s reach with ample storage, including shelves, side pockets, and a basket.

  • Quick & Simple Cleanup: The waterproof pad wipes down easily, saving time and eliminating the need for additional liners.

  • Mobile Convenience: Move the table smoothly across floors with lockable wheels and fold it up in seconds to save space when not used.

  • Customizable Comfort: Adjust the table height to four levels to suit any parent’s stature, ensuring a back-friendly changing experience.


  • Limited Color Options: Currently only available in grey, which may not match all nursery decor styles.

  • Potential Stability Concerns: While foldable for convenience, some parents may question the stability compared to non-foldable models.

  • Added Expense: Priced higher than other changing tables on the market due to its portable and adjustable features.

Are you a busy parent looking for convenience and organization when changing your baby? The Sweeby Portable Baby Changing Table is perfect for you! With its large organizers, easy-to-clean waterproof pad, portable design, and adjustable height feature, this changing table is the ultimate solution for all your baby’s changing needs. Say goodbye to back pain and messy diaper changes – get yours now!

Delta Children Infant Changing Table


Safe and sturdy infant changing station.
Runner Up

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  • Sturdy wood construction offers durable support for babies up to 24 pounds.

  • Spacious changing area provides plenty of room for diaper changes and dressing.

  • It measures 39.25 x 19.75 x 35 inches, fitting comfortably in most nursery spaces.

  • No batteries are required, making it a hassle-free, ready-to-use piece of furniture.

  • Features one open shelf below for convenient storage of diapers and wipes.

  • Designed and engineered in Taiwan, ensuring reliable craftsmanship.

The Delta Children Infant Changing Table combines the essential qualities of safety and practical design that modern parents need when caring for their babies. Its solid wood construction ensures durability, while the non-toxic finish adheres to strict safety standards, giving moms peace of mind during diaper changes. Convenience is at your fingertips with two sturdy open shelves positioned right below the changing area—perfect for storing diapers, wipes, and toys.

This changing table provides comfort and security with its water-resistant pad and a safety strap to keep the baby secure. The surrounding rails give an extra layer of protection, ensuring little ones are enclosed safely on all sides during changes. Easy assembly means you’ll have it set up without fuss, leaving more time to focus on what’s important—caring for your child.

Selected as our No. 2 pick, this product is favored for its straightforward functionality paired with thoughtful details—a standout in its category. The minimalist design allows it to blend seamlessly into any nursery decor while remaining highly functional and affordable—an excellent choice for moms who need reliability without complication.


  • Ensures Baby’s Safety: Safety rails surround the top for ultimate security, while the water-resistant pad features a safety strap

  • Designed for Durability: Constructed with robust wood materials to withstand daily use and last through your child’s early years

  • Convenient Storage Options: Two fixed shelves provide easy access to diapers, wipes, and essentials right where you need them

  • Hassle-Free Setup: Assembly is straightforward and simple, so parents can quickly prepare the changing table.


  • May require additional tools for assembly not provided with purchase

  • Fixed shelves limit storage customization options

  • Heavier wood construction could be complicated to move once assembled

The Delta Children Infant Changing Table is perfect for safety-conscious and practical parents who want a sturdy, non-toxic, and easy-to-assemble changing table. Don’t compromise on quality and safety for your baby’s needs – choose the Delta Children changing table today!

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Reliable design

A perfect addition to your nursery to make motherhood that bit easier.
Most Sturdy

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  • Sturdy and safe construction made from high-quality cherry material, ensuring long-lasting use

  • Sleek white finish fits beautifully with any nursery decor and is easy to clean after changes

  • Spacious shelves provide convenient storage for all your baby’s diapering essentials within arm’s reach

  • Comes with a comfortable changing mat for a soft, secure spot to change your baby

  • It is designed with safety in mind and includes safety rails on all four sides for added peace of mind during diaper changes

  • Easy to assemble right out of the box so you can set up your changing station quickly

The Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table stands out with its sleek design and sturdy wood construction, promising a secure spot for your baby’s diaper changes. You won’t have to worry about messes or safety concerns; the included waterproof changing pad makes cleanup a breeze, while the top safety rails and attached safety belt give you peace of mind. The white, non-toxic finish adds elegance to your nursery and ensures it’s free from harmful chemicals.

Storage is no issue with this changing table as it offers two open shelves perfect for keeping diapers, wipes, and clothing at arm’s reach—a practicality that moms will appreciate during those busy days. Assembling the Eclipse Changing Table can be done without fuss. Also, free replacement parts are just a customer service call away if any piece goes missing. Its reliable build quality and user-friendly features place it at No. 3 on our list —an excellent choice for parents seeking a balance between functionality and style in their nursery essentials.


  • Free replacement parts are available, ensuring long-term use and satisfaction

  • Ample space for baby essentials with dimensions of 35.25″ W x 36.75″ H x 21.5″ D

  • Safe for babies with JPMA certification and non-toxic finish; safety belt and rails included

  • Convenient storage with two shelves to keep supplies within reach while changing diapers


  • May require additional tools for assembly

  • Limited storage with only two shelves

  • Changing pad may need a cover or replacement over time

This changing table is perfect for new parents who value safety and convenience. With its sturdy wood construction, non-toxic finish, and included safety features like a safety belt and top rails, it’s the best choice for any baby’s nursery.

FIZZEEY Baby Diaper Changing Table

Everything you need

Maximize convenience with this foldable, portable baby changing station.
Top Pick

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  • Sturdy Design: The FIZZEEY Baby Diaper Changing Table is built strong, supporting your baby safely during diaper changes

  • Compact and Portable: Easily foldable for storage or travel, making diaper changes possible anywhere

  • Spacious Dimensions: At 31.1 x 25.6 x 35.4 inches, there’s plenty of room for your little one and all changing essentials

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: No batteries are required, and it is simple to clean, keeping the focus on your baby’s comfort

  • Versatile Use: Ideal as a stationary changing station at home or as a portable option when on-the-go

  • Unisex Appeal: Designed with a gender-neutral style, suitable for every family and nursery setting

Simplify diaper duty with the FIZZEEY Baby Changing Table, a game-changer for modern parents. This foldable portable changing station packs up quickly, making it perfect for small spaces and families on the move. Picture this: You’re in the middle of travel, and your little one needs a quick change – unfold your FIZZEEY table, and you’re all set! No more scrambling to find a hygienic spot or balancing acts on cramped restroom counters.

This changing table isn’t just about convenience; it also focuses heavily on safety and comfort. The Cationic cloth surface is gentle against the baby’s delicate skin and incredibly easy to wipe down after messy changes. There’s no need to stoop or strain—standing at an optimal height that spares your back during endless diaper swaps. Thanks to the multifunctional design, imagine smoothly transitioning from sleep-inducing massages into fresh diapers without missing a beat.

FIZZEEY’s thoughtful details shine through in its abundant storage capacity. Keep all essentials at arm’s reach with shelves perfectly sized for diapers, wipes, creams, and clothes—say goodbye to digging through cluttered drawers mid-change! For new moms who value organization but don’t have extra hands when they’re most needed—it’s like having an assistant by your side during those round-the-clock newborn days.


  • Easily folds for storage and travel, making it perfect for space-saving and on-the-go needs

  • Multifunctional design allows for diaper changes, clothes changing, and baby massages with an included safety strap and height-measuring ruler

  • Made of baby-safe Cationic cloth for a comfortable, cleanable surface and a robust and stable frame for security

  • Offers ample storage space underneath with compartments to keep diapers, wipes, creams, and other essentials well organized at an ideal height to reduce back strain


  • Limited weight capacity; not suitable for older or heavier babies

  • Requires assembly that may be challenging for some users

  • Not as sturdy as permanent, non-foldable changing tables

Looking for a convenient and space-saving solution to change your baby’s diapers? Look no further! The FIZZEEY Baby Diaper Changing Table is perfect for busy parents who want a safe, versatile, and portable changing station. Its multifunctional design, ample storage space, and baby-safe materials make it the perfect choice for any caregiver. Say goodbye to back pain from bending over – get yours now.

Baby Changing Table with Wheels

Storage included

Best for easy, on-the-go diaper changes.
Great Choice

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  • Easily move your changing station from room to room with the convenient wheels on this baby changing table

  • With an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating, parents trust this table for their little ones’ comfort and security

  • No assembly headaches

  • Designed with durable fabric material, making it easy to clean and maintain after every diaper change

  • Lightweight design at just over 15 pounds allows for simple repositioning anywhere in your home

  • Generous dimensions (32.5 x 20 x 4 inches) provide ample space for babies without taking up too much floor area

The moment you lay your eyes on the Maydolly Baby Changing Table with Wheels, you can tell it’s designed to make life easier for new moms. Its four lockable, mute universal wheels glide smoothly over both rough terrains and plush carpets without making a sound, meaning you can move from room to room without waking your little one. The changing table is not just mobile; its foldable design means that, once you’re done with diaper duties or dressing up your baby, it compacts down in seconds – a real space saver for those who cherish an organized nursery.

Safety and comfort take center stage with this light grey station’s stable construction. Crafted of durable steel and skin-friendly Oxford fabric, it steers clear of harmful static electricity, ensuring peace of mind during all changing times. But what truly sets this portable station apart is its 3-level adjustable height feature: whether you’re 4’8″ or 6 ft tall, customizing the table to prevent back strain while caring for your baby has never been simpler. Plus, moms will love the generous storage organizer – no more scrambling for diapers or toys, as everything is within arm’s reach! This versatile piece doesn’t stop there; when drying tiny clothes becomes necessary, convert this handy station into a convenient drying rack stand.

From diaper changes to after-bath dress-ups – this diaper station simplifies daily routines with thoughtful features that cater specifically to parents’ needs. It epitomizes efficiency and care in nurturing environments where every second counts, as does every snuggle.


  • Effortlessly move and securely lock: With 4 silent, lockable wheels, glide across any surface and keep the table in place when needed

  • Space-saver with easy fold-up: Quickly fold the changing table to stow away, maximizing your living space without hassle

  • Strong build with baby-safe materials: Enjoy peace of mind with a durable steel frame and soft Oxford fabric that are safe for your little one’s delicate skin

  • Customizable height for parent comfort: Adjust the table to your ideal height to avoid back strain while changing diapers or dressing your baby


  • Limited Height Range: While adjustable, the station’s maximum height is 39.5 inches, which may not cater to extremely tall parents

  • Storage Space Limitation: Although it has a large organizer, the number of items it can hold might be insufficient for parents who need to store bulkier baby items or more supplies

  • No Inbuilt Bath Feature: Unlike some changing stations, this model does not include an inbuilt bath feature, which could be inconvenient for those looking for an all-in-one solution

Are you a busy parent looking for convenience and practicality? The Baby Changing Table with Wheels from Maydolly is perfect for you! It’s the best choice for on-the-go diaper changes with adjustable height, storage organizers, and portability.

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

Chic look

Ideal for organized diapering with hamper and storage drawers.
Best Style

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  • Enjoy a sleek and modern design with the Badger Basket Modern Changing Table, perfect for any contemporary nursery

  • Keep your baby comfortable on the durable, easy-to-clean polyester/cotton blend changing pad

  • Manage all your diaper-changing essentials conveniently with this table’s ample storage space

  • Rest assured, knowing no batteries are needed for this sturdy and reliable piece of furniture

  • Easy care instructions make cleanup a breeze – spot clean or wipe down as necessary

  • Designed to last, made with engineered wood and reinforced with metal for extra stability

The Badger Basket Modern Changing Table is a life-saver for busy moms juggling the fast-paced demands of parenthood. Its sleek, fresh white design easily fits into any nursery aesthetic while offering an impressive level of functionality. Picture the ease of having all your baby-changing essentials within arm’s reach: diapers, wipes, and creams tucked away neatly in three spacious drawers and used items discreetly hidden in the handy laundry hamper below.

Imagine changing your little one on a comfortable pad that secures with a safety belt; peace of mind is standard as safety rails encircle the entire area to prevent slips or falls. As your child grows out of diapers, this table transforms effortlessly into intelligent storage space for toys or clothes – talk about versatility! Plus, cleaning is a breeze since you can wipe down surfaces quickly and efficiently. The stability provided by the metal support bar ensures this piece stays strong through diaper changes and beyond.

Constructed with durability in mind, using multilayer solid wood and non-toxic finished veneers means investing in quality furniture that will suit everyday use. Parents will adore how simple it is to assemble this changing table—precious time saved can be spent making more cherished memories with their bundle of joy instead.


  • Easy to clean with a simple wipe or spot treatment

  • Enhanced safety with four-sided rails and included changing pad and belt

  • Features a removable laundry hamper and three baskets for optimal organization

  • Spacious top surface provides ample room for comfortable diaper changes


  • Requires assembly, which may be challenging for some users

  • The changing pad may be too thin for some babies’ comfort

  • White color can show stains more easily, necessitating frequent cleaning

This Badger Basket Modern Changing Table is perfect for busy parents looking for a compact and functional solution for diaper changing. From its wipe-clean surface to its safety features, this table is designed with convenience in mind. Ideal for those who value organization and practicality, get yours now and make baby care a breeze!

Little Seeds Metal Changing Table

Super sleek

Stylish gold finish and safe design makes this a winner.
Also Consider

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  • Sturdy metal construction ensures durability and long-lasting use

  • Designed with a sleek style, this changing table adds a modern touch to any nursery

  • Measures 19 x 34.19 x 39.94 inches, providing ample space for diaper changes

  • Weighs just 42 pounds, making it easy to relocate within your home as needed

  • Doesn’t require batteries – ready to use without the hassle of power sources

  • Accommodates all your baby’s essentials in one convenient location

Imagine the ease and style of changing diapers with the Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Changing Table, a piece that stands out with its gold powder-coated finish. This table doesn’t just add flair to your nursery; it’s also practical. The sturdy frame ensures durability, while two spacious shelves await wipes, creams, and diapers. Thanks to its standard size, any changing pad fits snugly atop this chic station – though you’ll need to grab one separately.

Busy moms will appreciate how this changing table streamlines diaper duty. The metal design makes it a breeze to wipe down after messy changes, maintaining the nursery’s sparkle without extra hassle. More than just attractive and efficient, safety is critical for Little Seeds products. This item meets rigorous testing standards and comes equipped with a wall anchor kit so parents can rest easy knowing their little one is secure during change time.

Your nursery setup isn’t complete until every detail is perfect—and functionality meets sophistication in the Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Changing Table. Assembling at 39 inches tall and stays within easy reach but still offers ample storage space below. This standout piece will keep parents organized and babies comfortable throughout countless nappy changes—all while enhancing room decor with its timeless elegance and hint of vintage charm.


  • Elevates nursery style with an elegant gold finish

  • Sturdy construction holds up to 30 lbs. per shelf

  • Ensures safety with included wall anchor kit

  • Offers convenient storage with two spacious shelves


  • Requires separate purchase of standard changing pad

  • Assembly needed, might be challenging for some users

  • Only two shelves may offer limited storage for all baby essentials

Attention, new parents! The elegant gold Little Seeds Metal Changing Table is perfect for the stylish and safety-conscious parent. Designed with sturdy metal, this changing table can hold up to 30 lbs on each shelf and includes a wall anchor kit for added security. Compact yet functional, it fits a standard-size changing pad (not included) and features two open shelves for easy access to all your baby essentials. Upgrade your nursery with this must-have item today!


Q: What is a baby changing table?

A: A baby changing table is a piece of furniture designed specifically for diaper changing. It typically includes a flat surface for changing the baby, as well as storage space for diapers, wipes, and other essentials.

Q: How do I choose a changing table for my nursery?

A: When choosing a changing table for your nursery, consider factors such as size, storage options, safety features, and overall design to ensure it meets your needs and complements the nursery decor.

Q: Can a dresser be used as a baby changing table?

A: Yes, a dresser can be used as a baby changing table by adding a changing pad or topper on top of the dresser surface to create a safe and convenient changing area.

Q: What are the benefits of using a changing table dresser?

A: A changing table dresser combines the functionality of a traditional dresser with a built-in changing table, offering storage space for baby essentials and a designated area for diaper changes.

Q: Are there changing table dressers designed for small spaces?

A: Yes, there are changing table dressers specifically designed for small spaces, offering compact yet efficient solutions for nurseries or areas with limited room.

Q: What are some popular brands for baby changing tables?

A: Popular brands for baby changing tables include Babyletto, IKEA, Delta Children, Pottery Barn, DaVinci, and Graco, among others.

Q: Do changing tables come with anti-tip features for safety?

A: Many changing tables come with anti-tip features or can be anchored to the wall to ensure stability and safety during use.

Q: What is a changing table topper set?

A: A changing table topper set typically includes a removable changing tray or topper that can be placed on top of a dresser or other furniture to create a dedicated changing area when needed.

Q: How long do babies typically use a changing table?

A: Babies typically use a changing table until they are able to move around and no longer require diaper changes, which can vary but often occurs around the age of 2 to 3 years old.

Q: Are there safety precautions to consider when using a changing table?

A: When using a changing table, it’s important to use safety straps, never leave the baby unattended, and ensure that all items within reach are baby-proofed to prevent accidents.


Transform your nursery with the Sweeby Portable Baby Changing Table, the perfect blend of style and practicality. Ensure your baby’s comfort and safety with its sturdy construction and roomy design.

Elevate your changing routine; choose the Delta Children Infant Changing Table for its spacious area and convenient storage solutions. Make these top picks part of your parenting journey today for a smoother, safer diaper-changing experience.

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