The Best Mini Exercise Bikes

Whether you're in the process of rehabilitating a recent injury or just looking for an easy way to work out, mini exercise bikes offer a host of benefits. By removing the high-raised seat and paring down the bulky body of the traditional stationary bike, manufacturers have created miniature exercise machines that are far more accessible and transportable. Just place the unit at the foot of your chair and pedal away while working, reading, or watching your favorite show. We've rounded up some of the best mini exercise bikes on the market, so read on to find your newest calorie-burning companion.

Himaly Mini Exercise Bike

Pedal in place

This portable and light miniature exercise bike can help you get back in shape without breaking the bank.
Best Overall

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If the whole “mini bike” pitch has you at least a little intrigued, we’d suggest giving Himaly’s pedaling machine a spin. At just under ten pounds, this unit comes equipped with a non-skid base, comfortable pedals, and an LCD monitor to track progress. Turn up the heat with the handy tension knob which helps you to transition smoothly from rehabilitation to strengthening. When your ride is over, storage is a cinch thanks to a compact body that measures just over one foot high.


  • Non-skid base ensures stability while pedaling
  • LCD monitor clearly displays rotations per minute (RPM), speed, distance, and time
  • Very affordable tool for rehab and gentle exercise


  • No handle for convenient transportation

Wakeman Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Track your training

Keep track of your revolutions per minute, total revolutions, and time elapsed with the help of this mini bike's electronic display.
Best Display

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Don’t let the slim build of this mini exercise bike fool you — it still packs plenty of functionality into its lightweight body. After unfolding the collapsible legs, place the non-slip feet pads on a smooth surface for a sturdy pedaling experience. You can adjust the straps and resistance dial to suit your foot size and workout goals, respectively. Best of all, Wakeman’s mini bike has a five-function electric display so you can clearly keep track of metrics like distance, time, and RPM.


  • Slim, foldable design is easy to store and transport
  • Use included straps to tie the unit to a chair so it doesn’t slip on carpeted surfaces
  • Large, visible electronic display helps you track progress


  • Height may be unsuitable for use underneath desks or counters

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

A "work" out

This sneaky pedaler designed to fit snugly underneath your desk gives "working out" a whole new meaning.
Best Under Desk

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Though the majority of mini exercise bikes are significantly more mobile than their larger counterparts, few are optimized for under-the-desk usage — and we mean that literally. Sure, DeskCycle’s pedal exerciser combines a precision flywheel and magnetic resistance for a quiet stationary ride. But the key feature is its height, measuring at just under one foot. Think of this unit as the recumbent bike (i.e., reclining bicycle) of mini exercise appliances; you can lean further back into your couch if you want to, but the pedals rest low enough for your knees to comfortably clear a work desk, too.


  • Just under one foot in height, which enables you to pedal while sitting at a work desk
  • Precision flywheel and magnetic resistance offer smooth, silent operation
  • Eight calibrated tension settings for warming up, rehabilitating, and muscle toning
  • Removable display can be placed upon your desk for better viewing


  • Not foldable for quick storage or transportation

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike

Smooth and silent

This bike utilizes a flywheel and magnetic resistance to provide the smoothest pedaling possible.
Highest Quality

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If you’re just learning that mini stationary bikes are a thing, you’re not alone. Even we were surprised to learn that physical therapists (PT) and rehab facilities have been using them to assist with muscle strengthening for years now. While most industry-standard machines will cost a pretty penny, MagneTrainer’s PT-level product offers just as much bang for even fewer bucks. This is one of the heavier models out there, weighing in at 23 pounds thanks to an alloy-steel construction and wide base. For all its added weight, the flywheel still rides like a dream — depending, of course, on which of the 20 levels of resistance you choose.


  • PT-quality mini bike for around half the going rate
  • Strong steel-alloy frame is durable and prevents slipping during use
  • Twice the number of magnetic resistance levels as most of the competition
  • Velcro foot straps on the pedals are fully adjustable


  • Heavier weight makes it more of a permanent household fixture, especially for older users

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Ride into the future

The steel frame and magnetic resistance of this mini exercise bike promise years of daily use.
Most Durable

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Rehab and physical therapy won’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean you should stop toning your muscles. For a mini exercise bike that will last you long after the days of regimented workouts, look no further than this model from Sunny Health & Fitness. In combination with a belt-drive mechanism, the light flywheel makes each stride smooth while the magnetic resistance knob adjusts tension levels. The non-slip pedals even feature individual finger grooves, which make for a more comfortable upper-body workout when used on a tabletop.


  • Magnetic resistance knob is large and easy to use
  • Wide, non-slip base promises sturdy pedaling without sliding
  • Handle makes it easier to carry and move
  • Pedals are grooved and have individual indentations for fingers


  • The display screen is small in comparison to the rest of the unit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep the bike from sliding away from me during use?

Most mini exercise bikes have non-slip pads as a part of their base, which should provide a stable ride when used on a smooth, dry surface. Carpets may present a bigger challenge depending on their pile (i.e., thickness), so some brands include straps to fasten the bike to the legs of your chair. Makeshift straps can always be made in a cinch, but consider what surface you’re going to bike on before purchasing — that way, you’re prepared to pedal without pushing your machine away.

How intense is a workout on a mini exercise bike?

While varying levels of tension can take your workout from rehab-focused to muscle toning, by no means are you going to be dripping in sweat by the end of a ride. They’re great ways to make sedentary workdays a little more active, but they can’t fully replace the training functionality of a true stationary bike.

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