The Best Vibrating Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are the magic wands of the fitness world. You can use them during both your pre-workout warm-up and your post-run cool-down. By breaking down and relaxing your fascia — the connective tissue that holds all our muscles in place — rollers relieve tension and reduce soreness. But sometimes, regular old foam just can't cut it, and that's where the vibrating roller comes into play. With the help of an internal motor and a rechargeable battery, this new athletic aid is making plenty of buzz in the workout world. To help you find an electric roller that suits your needs, we've rounded up some of the most promising models on the market. Read on if you're looking for an easier way to roll away your aches and tightness.

Nextrino InfinityBall Vibrating Massage Ball

Infinity and beyond

This roller uses two vibrating spheres to hug your muscles and provide ultimate relief.
Best Overall

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This little device might not look like a foam roller at all, but don’t let that fool you — Nextrino’s InfinityBall packs plenty of practicality in its unique design. Where an even surface would apply broader pressure to your muscles, the two vibrating spheres of this unit cradle them for more localized relief. As for massage intensity, you can choose between low, medium, high, and pulsing vibrations depending on your needs. And at just under seven inches in length, the InfinityBall travels well between different workout locations.


  • Four unique vibration settings to suit your various massaging needs
  • Design cradles your muscles and applies isolated pressure
  • Easy-to-read LED indicators for battery life and vibration settings
  • Very affordable


  • One full charge only lasts two hours

Epitomie Fitness Vibra Vibrating Foam Roller

Good vibes on the go

This honey-combed foam roller boasts five different vibration speeds housed in a compact body.
Most Portable

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When it comes to a portable electric roller with supreme value, the Vibra is the “Epitomie” of ideal. The honey-combed texture of the foam effectively replicates the fingers of a massage therapist, which helps to dig into your tense muscles. Deep kinks or pain can be alleviated with the higher vibration intensity (3600 RPM) while the lower settings (900 or 1800 RPM) can ease general discomfort in less stressed. One full charge will last for four hours, meaning you can throw this roller in the included carrying case and take it to every workout.


  • Honeycomb structure of the foam helps to emulate pressure from fingers
  • Five distinct vibration intensities, including a rhythmic pulse
  • Four hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Included carrying case for easy transportation


  • Charging takes a long time

Fitindex Vibrating Yoga Massage Muscle Roller

Say goodbye to soreness

Unwind after your Kundalini session with this ultra-light but firm foam roller.
Best For Yogis

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While high-impact athletes might benefit from the intense vibrations provided by other rollers, yoga enthusiasts generally have less deep tension to work through. Something like Fitindex’s roller still offers varied vibration speeds but maxes out at 2600 RPM for a lower (but still punchy) range of intensity. It’s also incredibly lightweight for its size, weighing in at 2.1 pounds and measuring up at just over a foot in length. In other words, this roller won’t weigh down a yoga bag that is already filled with a mat, blocks, and straps.


  • Lightweight body makes it easy to carry and move around
  • A three-hour charge provides four hours of use
  • Smart function automatically turns roller off after ten minutes without vibrations


  • Foam might feel too firm for some users

Vulken Extra Long Vibrating Foam Roller

Won't miss a muscle

The extra real estate of this vibrating massager ensures that you can relieve muscle tension in one smooth roll.
Best Full-Size

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Smaller rollers might be easier to transport, but they can’t always do everything we want them to. Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case, a few extra inches is the difference between a full back massage and a half-hearted one. Vulken’s 17-inch roller combines its additional real estate with one of the most powerful motors in its class, topping out at 3800 RPM on the highest setting. Along with the grooved foam, this level of vibration is ideal for working through tough muscle knots or tension built up during your bodybuilding workout. But don’t worry — you don’t have to be a weight lifter to carry around this 2.1-dound roller.


  • 17-inch length allows you to roll out your entire back or both legs at once
  • Powerful vibrations that top out at 3800 RPM to help break down fascia
  • Charge lasts a full four hours


  • LED indicators for vibration settings aren’t labeled

TriggerPoint Grid Vibe Plus Vibrating Foam Roller

Mimic a real massage

The varying textures in this roller emulate different massage techniques used by therapists.
Best Texture Pattern

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TriggerPoint has long been a trusted and favorite brand when it comes to traditional foam rollers, so it’s no surprise that the Grid Vibe Plus appears on our list. Their classic foam pattern features smooth surfaces, higher raised bumps, and long tubes to help mimic various methods of massaging by hand. When combined with four different vibration intensities, this roller is sure to work through some of your toughest knots and pressure points. It strikes a functional happy medium when it comes to length, so you get just enough surface area without worrying about transporting this foot-long roller.


  • Patented multi-density foam pattern mimics various massage techniques
  • Compact design provides just enough surface area without being bulky
  • Charges quickly for two hours of use


  • Device-specific charging cable is a bit of a nuisance for those already inundated with cords

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I roll out properly?

The key to rolling out is maintaining three points of contact with the ground — and this includes the contact you make with the roller. When working on your back, for example, keep both your feet on the ground and bend your knees to push yourself back and forth. Roll out your hamstring or calf by placing your hands behind you and activating your core to move the muscles across the roller.

How often should I roll out? 

As often as possible. Unlike many aspects of your workout, there’s really no such thing as rolling out too much. Dedicated athletes include it in both their warm-ups and cool-downs, and they definitely don’t shy away from using their rollers as needed throughout the day. Depending on your fitness regimen and body, you may only use it for real problem areas, but that’s perfectly acceptable, too.

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