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The Best Griddles

From electric to stovetop, non-stick to cast iron, there are so many griddle options out there just waiting to make cooking a breeze. Traditionally, a griddle is a large, flat cast iron pan that can be used on your stove to cook pancakes, bacon, veggies, eggs, and more. Best of all, you can do all that cooking at the same time. Just throw it on the griddle. And with so many more options today, griddles have become more than just a stovetop pan. So no matter where you live or how much you cook, there is a griddle just for you.

The Best Salt Lamps

Whether you're looking for a simple piece of decor for your living room or a gentle light for your meditation space, salt lamps have you covered. Their warm glow offers a beautifully soft ambiance that allows you to relax comfortably. And there are thousands of options, too, making it easy to find one to match your overall style and color theme. In fact, we found the best of the best and present them here for you to check out.

The Best Mini Fridges

Instead of suffering through a warm beverage or unpleasant room-temperature snack, there is a better solution. Adding a mini fridge to your space allows you to store drinks and food items at the perfect, crisp temperature. From sodas and beers to yogurts and dips, a mini fridge is a versatile and practical product that lets you keep your favorites within reach. Thanks to their compact design, you can store one in your dorm room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and anywhere else for an ingenious way to keep some sustenance on hand.

The Best Polaroid Cameras

Even in this increasingly digital age, the inimitable Polaroid camera still can't be replaced. There's just something magical about capturing a moment and seeing it develop on film right before your eyes. And, you get a physical keepsake that's completely unique. That's why people appreciate polaroid photos of their special moments.

The Best Humidifiers

Are you tired of chapped lips, flaking skin, and irritated sinuses? Dry air can lead to a plethora of unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms that make dry climates or cold weather nearly unbearable. However, a humidifier can help you get rid of all of these unwanted symptoms in just a few days. By releasing vaporized water into the air, humidifiers increase the humidity levels to make the air less dry. Whether you're new to humidifiers or looking to upgrade, we have curated a collection of our favorites.

The Best Garden Hoses

As something you can use to both tend your garden and clean your outdoor possessions, a suitable garden hose is worth its weight in gold. But a lousy garden hose is a terrible thing to get stuck with. No one likes working with a hose that knots easily or gets too heavy to lift when the pressure is on. That's why we decided to make a shopping guide for the best garden hoses you can unspool in your own backyard right now.

The Best Wooden Craft Sticks

We all need our creative outlets, which is why adults and kids flock to arts and crafts. After all, few pastimes are as cathartic as arts and crafts with the fam. One popular crafts item that will never go out of style is the wooden craft stick, also known as a popsicle stick. They're useful in a nearly infinite array of applications and ubiquitous for a reason.

The Best Metal Straws

Straws might not be the most necessary tool in our kitchens, but they sure can make drinks a lot more fun. And since traditional plastic straws aren't very environmentally-friendly, we're here to tell you about metal straws instead. Easy to wash and endlessly reusable, metal straws are a worthwhile upgrade. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the perfect pack. That's where we come in.