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The Best Mandala Coloring Books for Adults

Over the past few years, adult coloring books have gained popularity as a way to unwind and relax after a long day. Whether you use markers, colored pencils, or traditional crayons, there is something meditative and soothing about coloring between the lines. People love mandala coloring books for their detailed designs and repetitive patterns. We've rounded up a few of our favorite mandala coloring books for adults to help you pick one for yourself or a friend.

The Best Squat Wedges

Squats are one of the most powerful exercises for creating explosive change in your body. With strong glutes, you can scale higher mountains, run faster, and feel more stabilized. That's why it's a great idea to use all of the tips and tricks you can to build a stronger booty. One key item that trainers frequently push is a squat wedge, which is designed to help you see more gains in less time. A squat wedge will also help to protect your back by reducing the amount of pressure on your lumbar spine. This means that you can add more weight without adding more pressure. If you aren't sure of where to look for the proper squat wedge, we'd recommend this list as a starting point. We've outlined all of the best ones on the market. Have a look below.

The Best Wedding Arches

Wedding arches help to create a frame for your ceremony space. In an outdoor wedding, they add a touch of formality to your venue, and they are the ideal spot for adding a wild array of flowers, branches, flags, and other decor. If you're deep in the wedding planning process, you may be overwhelmed with all the details. Finding just the right arch can be time-consuming, so we've eased the stress and created a list of some favorites. These arches will take your wedding day to the next level. Have a look for yourself below, and get excited.

The Best Lamps for Boho Decor

Adding light to your home doesn't have to be basic or boring. In fact, to spark joy in your home, every piece of furniture and decorative piece should say something about you and what you love. If you tend toward a more boho-inspired home, your lamps should reflect that. Boho decor is everywhere, and while it's certainly a trendy look, it's also timeless. The neutral tones and understated elegance of bohemian pieces make for a comforting, inviting space. If you've been searching for the right boho lamp to shine a light on your style, look no further. We've found some of the best lamps on the market for just this style. Have a look below.

The Best Shower Cleaners

Soap scum is a friend to no one, so cut out the grime and guck with no-scrub shower sprays that will leave your place sparkling. These effective, user-friendly sprays shine up your showers with their crud-fighting technology, stepping up your cleaning routine without having to spend a ton of time or money. If you want to cut through the grease with less elbow grease, read on — we think these hand-picked cleaners might just make a clean machine out of you.

The Best Light Fixtures for Bathroom Mirrors

When it comes to bathroom decor, every little bit counts. In a room that typically has fewer items, you want each piece to say something about your sense of style. When it comes to light fixtures over a mirror, functionality matters even more. With that in mind, we created a list of top bathroom light fixtures designed to go over your mirror. Each one is practical yet stylish, perfect for creating the ideal bathroom ambiance.

The Best Moses Baskets for Babies

Aside from being an adorable way to keep an infant cozy and secure, a Moses basket is a lightweight, portable option for your baby to sleep. They're also a safe, enclosed area for changing diapers, and they make fantastic storage baskets. Thanks to their size, Moses baskets can be brought outside for fresh air and placed anywhere in the house. They're also a wonderful way to keep your sweet little one close to your bed. Plus, when your baby grows out of this basket, it can store stuffed animals, blankets, and other favorite items. We've spent some time reviewing the options for a quality Moses basket; if you've wanted to find one for your new bundle of joy, we'd recommend perusing this list first. You just might find the one.

The Best Plug-In Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a fun way to add statement lighting to your home. Because they plug into the wall instead of requiring electrical wiring, they also offer a unique solution to regularly dark spaces. Below, you’ll find the best plug-in pendant lights on the market. You’ll see products that vary in style, price, and function. Read on to discover the one that will work best for you today.