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The Best Fans For Your Bedroom

As the weather heats up, we all need to find ways to stay cool, especially as people increasingly work from home and can’t take advantage of the office’s air conditioning. And while constantly running your own home’s A/C all day can be wasteful and expensive, having a personal fan for your bedroom can provide the affordable and economical comfort you need. With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favorite options to help you start beating the heat right away. In order to find the best bedroom fans on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: What type of bedroom is this fan best for? Does it have useful features, such as multiple speed settings or a timer option? How is the fan powered? Our favorite was O2Cool's nifty portable fan, which runs on batteries, making it versatile enough to use at home as well as while traveling. But for anyone looking for a daily driver, Lasko's oscillating tower fan is a magnificent machine. It's powerful, sophisticated, and compact enough to fit in crowded homes. We have a few other favorites worth reading about, too, so read on to learn about why the fans we selected blew out the competition.

The Best Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs are an excellent choice for stretching your dollars a bit past the oh-so-short baby years. These ergonomic sleeping platforms transform as your child grows, evolving from a baby bed to one large enough for toddlers. To help you find the nursery furniture piece that's best for you and your little one, we've gathered and reviewed the best versions on the market today, including those with the best style, the sturdiest and most durable designs, and so much more.

The Best Spray Bottles for Plants

We all know that watering our plants daily is essential to maintaining their health and happiness, yet many of us fail to do it properly. Spray bottles for plants can provide a steady and gentle mist to avoid overwatering and boost the humidity of the plant’s surroundings. When searching for the ideal spray bottle, you want to focus on how far the spray can reach and how much area the spray can cover. Luckily, we've already examined these factors and made a list of the best spray bottles online. Keep reading to see which spray bottle will keep your plants thriving.

The Best Twin Beds

A comfortable bed begins with a great frame, and you should pick a size that works for you and your bedroom. If you have a small space, twin beds are the perfect option for a single sleeper. They're also an excellent choice for children once they’re too big for a crib or for guest bedrooms where you want to keep floor space open. The right frame supports the mattress and elevates it off the floor while providing a sturdy and comfortable place to sleep. We’ve researched the best twin beds available to help you feel confident in your choice. There are three things that make a great bed frame: sturdiness, functional design, and of course, value. With that in mind, our favorite bed frame is the Zinus Shalini platform bed, an upholstered frame that is easy to set up and looks great in any bedroom. If you're on an especially tight budget, we also love the Zinus SmartBase frame, which boasts a compact, flexible design that supports almost any mattress. Read on to check out more of our favorite options and to find the perfect twin bed frame for you.

The Best Milk Crates

Accessible storage solutions like milk crates make it quick and easy to organize your stuff. Milk crates were originally wooden boxes with internal partitions that helped transport delicate glass bottles. Nowadays, this classification refers to most open-top crates made of plastic or wood. Regardless of terminology, milk crates are lightweight, easy to transport, and have openings throughout that make identification effortless. If you're looking to tidy up loose objects but don't have the drawer or closet space, our top milk crates promise to provide durable storage that's easy to retrieve. While researching the best milk crates, we considered three key features: size, durability, and design. Our favorite is the classic plastic box crates from Juggernaut Storage, which are durable and stack up nicely for convenient storage. If you're looking for something a little more decorative, we also love Victrola's wooden crates, which are great for keeping things organized in your bedroom or apartment. Read on to discover more of our favorite milk crates and to find one that's perfect for you.

The Best String Lights For Your Bedroom

String lights aren't just great for backyard patios and special events — they can also create the perfect ambiance in your very own bedroom. Typically smaller than outdoor string lights, these magical decorations offer an excellent alternative to traditional lighting solutions like bedside lamps and wall sconces. Whether you're looking for warm lights, twinkling lights, a little pop of color, or a unique shape, there's an option out there waiting for you. To give you a hand in making the right choice, we've put together a list of some of the best string lights for your bedroom available today. Read on to check out a few of our favorites.

The Best Countertop Ice Makers

Though most fridge/freezer combos these days come with a built-in ice machine, sometimes we need more of the cold cubes than our icebox can provide. Previously, that meant you'd have to stock up on bulky single-purchase ice bags from the local store. But now, thanks to a handy gadget known as a countertop ice maker, you can be in control of how many cubes you need and when for all your hosting needs. Whether you're looking for portability in your ice-making machine or a smaller cube for more versatile drinks, we've got the right appliance for you. While doing our research, we considered three key features that make ice makers great, including size, ice quality, and energy efficiency. Our favorite model is the Aglucky ice maker, which produces cubes in two different sizes in as little as six minutes. If you're looking for something with even more value, we also love the Frigidaire ice maker, which offers a higher capacity at a lower price than similar models. Read on to discover more of our favorite ice machines and find one that's right for your countertop.

The Best Bottled Water

Water is a necessity. And while a reusable water bottle may not always be an option for you, there are plenty of different types of bottled water to stock your fridge with. But it's important to note that, surprisingly, not all bottled water tastes the same or even has the same ingredients. Some bottled water contains electrolytes and certain minerals that can support your health. Others have fizzy bubbles and subtle fruity flavors that enhance their taste. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know which kind you might enjoy. Lucky for you, we've done the leg work and gathered a list of some of our favorite bottled water available online today. While doing our research, we considered a few key features that make bottled water great, including taste, container quality, and of course, price. Our favorite is Essentia, which boasts ionized alkaline H2O that is enhanced with electrolytes for great taste and other benefits. And if you're looking for something will a little more flavor, we also love Hint, which offers a "hint" of fruit without the use of sugar or sweeteners. Read on to discover our other favorites, including eco-friendly and budget options, and find the bottled water that's right for you.